Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dolly Mixture- Been Teen 7" (1981)

Continuing in the quest to bring you every Dolly Mixture 7" here is their Been Teen single from 1981. Wonderful pop tunes as always. Thanks Emma for the missing songs!

Track List:
1. Been Teen
2. Honky Honda
3. Ernie Ball


timpunk said...

Thanks so much for 'Been teen'. I used to own most of the 'Dolly's' vinyl and had the privelige of seeing them live in 1982. I'm one of the lucky (or should I say foresighted) to have bought the original 'Demonstration tapes' album (No.0846)and will never sell, despite the amazing prices on e.bay. The one item I have not been able to track down is he 'Fireside E.P' but I live in hope!
Thanks again,

Aimi said...

Ohhhh thank you! Been looking for this for quite some time!
p.s. that's awesome Tim!