Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Aislers Set- Red Door 7" (2001)

An Aisler's Set 7". Features a fun live cover of Girls at Our Best's song "Warm Girls".
  1. The Red Door
  2. Warm Girls (Live)
  3. Summer's Reprise

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Tidy Ups-Dizzy Heights (2006)

The Tidy Ups are a Swedish Twee Pop band that existed from 2002 till 2006, one of their members is Jenny Westerlund who plays in Strawberry Fair and Funday Mornings. Perfect cute twee songs.. I specially recommend you "Beauvais" , probably one of the most beautiful songs I've heard in a while... 

Track Listing:
1.Dizzy Heights
2.Lack of Nourishment
3.Death To The Tidy Ups

The Happy Birthdays: Live at Mitt Sista Liv (2004)

A live set from the Happy Birthdays in Kalmar on July 30, 2004. Fun little show.
  1. I'm Still Not As Happy As I Would Have Been with You
  2. This Time
  3. Every Week
  4. Stay (Tommy Tappar Trummpinnen)
  5. Wasting My Time
  6. Terry
  7. Love You More
  8. Stay

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Happy Birthdays-The Happy Birthdays

The Happy Birthdays are a Swedish twee pop band with members of Nixon, Free Loan Investments and recent project, The Garlands.

Track Listing:
1.Wasting My Time
2.This Time
3.I'm Still Not As Happy
5.She Breaks Your Heart

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Club 8 - Summer Songs (2002)

A 5 song EP by the famous Swedish pop duo, Club 8... Beautiful and dreamy melodies with Bossa nova ish guitars and whispering maracas. 

Track List:
1.Things We Share
3.You & Me
4.Don't Stop The Night
5.Sounds From The Gulf Stream

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

They Go Boom!-97...98...99 (Unreleased?)

Here is an album that I know very little about! The only mention of it I've found online says that it has never been released. It could be mislabeled. Either way it's quite an enjoyable example of "early electronic bedroom pop".

Track List:
  1. Sing High
  2. Why I Love Galaxy Craze
  3. The King Of Excuses
  4. Pismo Beach Disaster Relief Fund
  5. Only Sleeping
  6. My Secret Life
  7. The Echoing Hours
  8. Clementine (Interval)
  9. Thank You!
  10. Open Up Your Heart
  11. In Harmony
  12. I Don't Want Anything
  13. I've Dreamed Of This For Years
  14. Isabelle

Sunday, November 9, 2008

White Shoes & The Couples Company - Skenario Masa Muda (2007)

The 2007 EP from White Shoes & The Couples Company, sweet mix of 80s indie pop / chamber pop, disco and jazz melodies from Indonesia!

Track listing:
1. Prelude
2. Super Reuni
3. Pelan Tapi Pasti
4. Roman Ketiga
5. Today is No Sunday
6. Aksi Kucing

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Poprace-Hanggliding At The Sea (1994)

Mother of bands such as Acid House Kings, The Legends and Club 8, Poprace released only 2 singles, this was their first one. If you love Swedish pop this in one basic album that you must definitely have!

Track Listing:
1.Rock 'n' Roll Star
2.If I Was Handsome
3.Two of a Kind
4.In a Distant Place

Dolly Mixture- Dreamism (1998)

A Dolly Mixture collection from Japan that collects three alternate versions of previously released songs and one unreleased song. The recordings sound great, much better than Demonstration Tapes. The better production values don't take away from the songs' charm, if anything they add energy to the songs. The song My Rainbow Valley is a wonderful surprise as well. Infectiously catchy! Highly recommended!

Track listing:
  1. My Rainbow Valley
  2. Everything and More
  3. Never Mind Sundays
  4. Never Let It Go

Talulah Gosh- Demo (1986)

A Talulah Gosh demo from 1986. Four songs you've heard before if you're a Talulah Gosh fan, but still an interesting oddity. Shoddy production values! Lo-fi charm!

Track List:
  1. Steaming Train
  2. I Told You So
  3. Just a Dream
  4. Sunny Inside

Friday, November 7, 2008

Eggstone- Live at Umeå Popstad (1997)

Here is a live set from the Swedish band Eggstone at the 1997 Umeå Popstad.

Track List:
  1. April & May
  2. Beach Boy
  3. Birds in Cages
  4. Bubblebed
  5. Go Back
  6. If You Say
  7. Il Trascurato
  8. My Trumpets
  9. Still All Stands Still
  10. Sun King
  11. Taramasalata
  12. The Dog
  13. Supermeaningfectlyless

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Charade- A Real Life Drama (2006)

A Real Life Drama (2006)
Track Listing:
1.My Song To You
2.A Tough Decision
3.Dressed in Yellow & Blue
5.Music Makes Me Sick
6.Stockholm July 2005
7.Rain on Your Parade
8.Sunny Winter Afternoon
9.Love Always Happens So Fast

Dolly Mixture: Baby It's You + Everything and More 7"s

Two 7" singles from Dolly Mixture.

Everything and More (1982)
A. Everything and More
B. You and Me and the Sea Shore

Baby It's You (1980)
A. Baby, It's You
B. New Look Baby

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vacaciones-Emmaboda (2005)

The band was formed in April 1998, when Ruth, Angel Pop, Rafa and Jose Alberto decided to start writing happy, dreamy pop songs, inspired by some of their faves: HEAVENLY, LOS FRESONES REBELDES, pop based on crystal-like guitars and naive female vocals. They got the name for the band: VACACIONES - the Spanish word for "holidays". For them, holidays mean the best moments of the year, when we can escape from the daily grind.
Emmaboda (2005)
Track Listing:
2.Dis Berlin
3.Mil Piruetas
4.Suelta los Problemas ¡ya!
5.Qué Tienen Otras....?
7.Batido de Vainilla
8.Sé que Voy a Vomitar
10.2 Corren x 3 Calles
11.Moral Femenina

Talulah Gosh- Live at Worcester College (1986)

Here is a Talulah Gosh live recording from their debut concert on March 7th, 1986 at Worcester College in Oxford.

Track List:
1. I Told You So
2. Pastels Badge
3. Do You Remember
4. Just a Dream
5. Steaming Train
6. Looking for a Rainbow
7. Sunny Inside

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Belle & Sebastian-God Help The Girl (2007)

God Help The Girl is a musical film written by Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian.
He is currently working on a soundtrack album for the record, recording a number of demos with the members of Belle and Sebastian and different vocalists, but here are the three songs that are available. The song "Perfection as a Hipster" is performed by Gary Olson, lead singer from The Ladybug Transitor. 3 special songs that you must have and specially if you're a Belle and Sebastian's fan...

Track List:
1. Funny Little Frog
2. The Psychiatrist is In
3. Perfection as a Hipster

Girls at Our Best- The Peel Sessions (1981)

Girls at Our Best's 1981 Peel Session. Released on Strange Fruit Records in 1987. Wonderful singles medley. More bands should make singles medleys!

Track List
1.China Blue
2.This Train
3.Getting Beautiful Warm Gold Fast From Nowhere (Singles Medley)

Band a Part-Discography

No, it's not Godard's movie "Bande a Part". It's a beautiful pop band based in Spain, Coral and Javi (their members) talk about how they met each other in a sunny afternoon having a Vermouth in St. Tropez, in that time they were Jean Paul and Marie.. someone confused them as a couple of bank robbers, so they decide to change their names to Javi and Coral and live under the identity of playing in Band a Part, touring the world, from Liverpool, Torremolinos to Kyoto, running away from justice....
Pronóstico Soleado (2006)
Track Listing:
1.Astenia Primaveral
2.Paseando por Tu Ciudad
3.Número Cinco (El Quinto Beatle)
No Hay Nada Como el Hogar (2007)
Track List:
1. Al Sur de Portugal
3.Cosas que nunca te dije porque no me dejaste hacerlo
4.Otra Vez Tu

Demo (Myspace 2008)
Track List:
1.Sputnkik mon amour
2.Souvenir de l'Avenir

Fantastic Something-S/T (1985)

A gentle pop album from Fantastic Something released on Blanco y Negro. Really lush and catchy.

Track Listing:
1. The Night We Flew Out The Wind
2. Melancholy Bay
3. Drawing Rooms
4. Picking Up Little Adventures
5. The Angels Took Over The Train
6. Sleeping In Your White Valleys
7. Perfect Napoleon
8. Garden City
9. In Houses By The Port
10. Hurt Kingdoms

VA-Girls Can Rock Too (2008)

"Girls can Rock too" A compilation with hand picked songs including the Pop legends Talulah Gosh, Black Tambourine and lots of girls that will make you dance and get up from your chair...

Track List:
1. I Guess I Was Wrong-Club 8
2.Not The One For Me-All Girl Summer Fun Band
3.Wasting My Time-The Happy Birthdays
4.This Isn't It-Giant Drag
5.Throw Aggi Off The Bridge-Black Tambourine
6.My Darling Jackhammer-Bunnygrunt
7.Make You Smile-Dear Nora
8.Sisters Are Forever-Sexy Kids
9.Hope You're Hurting-Cars Can Be Blue
10.David-The Garlands
11.I Know You Feel The Same-California Oranges
12.Bringing Up Baby-Talulah Gosh
13.Our Love Is-Heavenly
14.Madrid-Juniper Moon
15.Fallen Heroes-Liechtenstein
16.A Little Late To Be Polite-A Smile and a Ribbon
17.Hours To Days-The Sorayas
18.Beauvais-The Tidy Ups
19.Who's In Your Dreams-Strawberry Whiplash

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Groovy Little Numbers-The 53rd and 3rd Singles (1998)

The 53rd and 3rd Singles is a collection of the Groovy Little Number's two 12 inches from 1987 and 1988. Six beautiful pop songs.

Track List

1: Happy Like Yesterday
2: Hey Hey
3: Windy
4: Happy Like Yesterday
5: Shoot Me Down
6: A Place So Hard to Find