Saturday, March 21, 2009

Series Two Compilation Vol 1

Chris was kind enough to send along his out of print comps to post on the blog. The songs by Klas are especially lovely. I'll be posting some more of his compilations in the next few days!

Track List:
  1. Bakers At Dawn - How I Saved Julieanne
  2. Bakers At Dawn - Oh No
  3. Bakers At Dawn - The Other Door
  4. Bakers At Dawn - Ancestor Contest
  5. Oh Sweet Music! - Four Long Years
  6. Oh Sweet Music! - Song To Iraq
  7. Oh Sweet Music! - My Trip To Asia
  8. Oh Sweet Music! - Long Time Since Bedtime
  9. Band In Box - When Others Go South...
  10. Band In Box - A Spoon That You Can Bend
  11. Band In Box - Elevator Theme
  12. Band In Box - Leaving Smears
  13. Klas - I Was A Janitor
  14. Klas - Honda Civic
  15. Klas - The Fall
  16. Klas - Under The Rainbow
  17. Odd Fiddler - Take Out The Trash
  18. Odd Fiddler - Hold Hands & Fall In Love Again
  19. Odd Fiddler - Bubblegum Bubble (And It Didn't Pop This Time)
  20. Odd Fiddler - Busstop In The Rain


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Anonymous said...


been reading your blog since i came across that awesome dolly mixture live set. was looking for a way to contact you. thought you might be interested in the band i'm working on at the moment - the soft close-ups. everything is up for free download at . thanks.


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