Sunday, February 8, 2009

Marine Girls-Lazy Ways/Beach Party (1997)

Formed in 1980, they released their debut album "Beach Party" in 1981. Snapped up by indie Cherry Red, their follow up and last album was "Lazy Ways" released in 1982. From this springboard, Tracey Thorn formed Everything But the Girl with label mate Ben Watt.
One classic and definitely a must have!!

Track Listing:

Lazy Ways
1. A Place In The Sun
2. Leave Me With The Boy
3. Falling Away
4. Love To Know
5. A Different Light
6. Sunshine Blue
7. Second Sight
8. Don't Come Back
9. That Fink.Jazz-Me-Blues Boy
10. Fever
11. Shell Island
12. Lazy Ways
13. Such A Thing..
14. You Must Be Mad

Beach Party
15. In Love
16. Fridays
17. Tonight?
18. Times We Used To Spend
19. Flying Over Russia
20. Tutti Lo Sanno
21. All Dressed Up
22. Honey
23. Holiday Song
24. He Got The Girl
25. Day/Night Dreams
26. Promises
27. Silent Red
28. Dishonesty
29. 20,000 Leagues
30. Marine Girls

Marine Girls "A Place in the Sun" video:

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