Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rocketship- Singles 1993-1996

Collected here are Rocketship's singles from 1993 -1996. Beautiful collection of songs by one of my favorite bands.
Track List:
  1. Hey Hey Girl
  2. Naomi And Me
  3. People I Know
  4. Golden Daffodils
  5. Unfelt
  6. Your New Boyfriend
  7. Like A Dream
  8. It's Gonna Be Soon
  9. The Love We Could've Had
  10. Honey, I Need You
  11. She's Gonna Make Me Cry
  12. Get On The Floor
  13. Love So Estranged
  14. All That I Know


adamedwin said...

so nice, thanks for putting this together, i think of them as one of my faves and haven't even heard all of this yet, mucho excited

Benjamin said...

hi! by any change do you have some of the other record from rocketship? garden of delights? here comes...rocketship? thanks!!!!