Tuesday, November 11, 2008

They Go Boom!-97...98...99 (Unreleased?)

Here is an album that I know very little about! The only mention of it I've found online says that it has never been released. It could be mislabeled. Either way it's quite an enjoyable example of "early electronic bedroom pop".

Track List:
  1. Sing High
  2. Why I Love Galaxy Craze
  3. The King Of Excuses
  4. Pismo Beach Disaster Relief Fund
  5. Only Sleeping
  6. My Secret Life
  7. The Echoing Hours
  8. Clementine (Interval)
  9. Thank You!
  10. Open Up Your Heart
  11. In Harmony
  12. I Don't Want Anything
  13. I've Dreamed Of This For Years
  14. Isabelle


sintetica said...

WOW, It is extraordinary to find something of this great band.
A blog download a song from this band called They Go Boom!! - Someday Soon, is wonderful, this is your first time listening and looking for something more from this band I found your blog. Thank you very much friend tremendous contribution. Thank you very much and greetings from Peru.;)

wickets said...

thank you very much, been looking for this everywhere!! much love