Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vacaciones-Emmaboda (2005)

The band was formed in April 1998, when Ruth, Angel Pop, Rafa and Jose Alberto decided to start writing happy, dreamy pop songs, inspired by some of their faves: HEAVENLY, LOS FRESONES REBELDES, pop based on crystal-like guitars and naive female vocals. They got the name for the band: VACACIONES - the Spanish word for "holidays". For them, holidays mean the best moments of the year, when we can escape from the daily grind.
Emmaboda (2005)
Track Listing:
2.Dis Berlin
3.Mil Piruetas
4.Suelta los Problemas ¡ya!
5.Qué Tienen Otras....?
7.Batido de Vainilla
8.Sé que Voy a Vomitar
10.2 Corren x 3 Calles
11.Moral Femenina

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