Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Band a Part-Discography

No, it's not Godard's movie "Bande a Part". It's a beautiful pop band based in Spain, Coral and Javi (their members) talk about how they met each other in a sunny afternoon having a Vermouth in St. Tropez, in that time they were Jean Paul and Marie.. someone confused them as a couple of bank robbers, so they decide to change their names to Javi and Coral and live under the identity of playing in Band a Part, touring the world, from Liverpool, Torremolinos to Kyoto, running away from justice....
Pronóstico Soleado (2006)
Track Listing:
1.Astenia Primaveral
2.Paseando por Tu Ciudad
3.Número Cinco (El Quinto Beatle)
No Hay Nada Como el Hogar (2007)
Track List:
1. Al Sur de Portugal
3.Cosas que nunca te dije porque no me dejaste hacerlo
4.Otra Vez Tu

Demo (Myspace 2008)
Track List:
1.Sputnkik mon amour
2.Souvenir de l'Avenir

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saralee said...

Thaks very much for share song og this band.
i really love this band.
thank you!!!